Sunday, 31 October 2010

Half term

SO today is back to work after a week off and I'm feeling quite positive about it.

Last night I saw Salsa Celtica ( ) who I first saw this summer at Wickham festival. They were superb again last night. Sadly the Anvil thought it would be a good idea to only have seating for the gig and I spent the first half penned in in the middle of a row. However, we hardly sat down for the second half and danced to the latin beats and folk tunes for the rest of the evening. More like that will definitely help with the weight loss!! (Also back on the crazy diet now it is term time again. Determined to look amazing for Christmas this year!)

It made me remember just how much I love live music generally and realise that I need more of it in my life. With that in mind the next few weeks should be fabulous - I'm seeing Martyn Joseph again next Sunday - so looking forward to that! Then Steve Hackett a week later and Bellowhead the following week. I'm made up - just means I'll need to find even more gigs to keep me going after that or i'll be in withdrawal! 1 a month is probably pretty good to aim for and relatively affordable I guess.

So, any recommendations of who I should go see then?

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