Saturday, 28 August 2010

Exciting exercise

Last weekend and the start of the week were mad fun.

Went out with Kate to a club on Saturday night. Been far too long since I dressed up in corsets and had such fun.

Monday however was just awesome fun. Kate and I decided to walk from Woodmill in Southampton to St Catherine's Hill in Winchester. Was really nice just to ramble and chatter. The walk follows along the river Itchen and the weather for the most part of the day was passable. Around Otterbourne area we decided that the river looked particularly inviting and decided to go in! Obviously we hadn't planned for this opportunity and had no swim wear with us. Luckily we had both worn pretty matching underwear that day and so stripped to bra and pants and jumped on in. It was sooo cold but such amazing fun. We swam against the current for quite a while then got out, dressed and carried on. I really have never felt so free and had so much fun as doing that!

On Tuesday I headed off for a days Kayaking with Pete, Laura, and Hattie. Sadly Jen was not able to come and Nicci had a migraine. It was really very windy. We headed out to Lymington with the plan being that we would paddle down the coast from there back to Buckler's hard. It was really hard going. The wind was gusting up to and above 30mph which made it really challenging, I got stuck on the mud and reeds a couple of times. It really wasn't the best conditions for beginners though and as such we ended up calling it off early. Hopefully we can organise getting back out on the water soon. Did learn a new skill of using the skeg which helps with paddling in the wind. Was a bit of a disappointment but looking forward to getting out again.

Been a summer of experiences and can't believe that it is nearly time for term to restart. Still lots that I want to do, and lots to look forward to. But i'm more on the way to being the me I want to be.

Monday, 9 August 2010


This weekend has been fabulous. A real change and break from reality. I spent the weekend with great friends at the Wickham folk festival. The music was excellent for the most part and the weather could have been much worse.
I had forgotten how much I enjoy the freedom of camping and just chilling out at a festival. It was not a cheap weekend but awesome non-the-less.

However my highlight had to be seeing Martyn Joseph live. I've waited nearly 15 years for that and he did not disappoint. His performance is so intense and honest. Planning already to go and see him again in November and so excited.

All in all a wonderful weekend. But on the back of having been away to Italy , I'm looking forward to a night in my own bed.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


So back from Italy. My learning of Italian is in very early stages still. I've been using rosetta stone which is great and will provide, I feel, a really good understanding of the language. However, it will be some time before it becomes a language in which I can hold a useful conversation.
However, I did manage to order some food and to understand at least parts of conversations out there. So it's a start.