Saturday, 6 November 2010

New Tattoo

So I went and did it.

Kayaking was not on - and looks like won;t be any more until the new year now that the winter is upon us. So knowing that I will not be plunging into rivers (or swimming pools) for a few weeks, I went to book in for a new tattoo.

On arriving at Asgard -and showing them the design I had chosen, which they raved over, - I asked to book in to be told there was a cancellation slot available right then, so I went for it! I now have a very pretty musical design on my shoulder which i'm really pleased with. It wasn't my original plan - but I really like it. It was also not where I was originally planning on having it somewhere it would be so visible but i'm glad I did - if i'd had more time to think about it I might have changed my mind but - I am pleased i didn't.

I have a design prepared to have on my leg too which i'm gonna hope to have done in the new year once this one has fully healed.

It really didn't hurt as much as I remember - or maybe I just deal with pain better these days. Either way i'm definitely up for having another.

The image is a bit manky at the moment as it is totally fresh - I will post more pictures as it heals and is all cleaned up but it gives you the idea.

I'm a happy girly! :) One more thing off the list.

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