Tuesday, 21 September 2010


So I've just acquired fab new cook books and wondered what peoples thoughts are?

I'm really looking forward to the cooking through an entire cookery book but am having a dilemma over which one.

I think the one I want to do is Baking magic which is predominantly cakes and cookies - does that seem cool to do?

Not sure why I'm really asking as it's my list after all - so I'll probably do what ever I want anyway! But do we think it's cool to do a baking book rather than a 'cook book'?



  1. I think if you're going to be making everything in the book you probably want to steer clear of a baking book. Ideally you'd want something with lots of variety that you're just not going to get in baking.

    I mean imagine you've just made your 12 round of 24 cookies, and next up is... another round of 24 cookies... Plus you've got to either eat them all, or find others to help you eat them all.

    This may not of course be a problem, but compare that to cooking a sumptuous main course every few days with differing ingredients, textures and tastes. Or a standard meal with an interesting side.

    So I'd pick a more general book - probably with a tv show attached because they tend to be more varied, but you'll still have a baking section in there!