Saturday, 14 April 2012


I decided on a slight change. After looking through all my cookery books and realising that there are always going to be some recipes that I can't or Toby won't eat, I am now going to cook a new recipe each week but not necessarily all from the same book.

This week I am cooking baked parmesan chicken from a Williams Sonoma book. It was very simple and certainly looks good.

It's been a tough week as Tabi's sleeping is still terrible, but we are coping, just about. She is terrorising the cats during the day and us at night.

I baked cupcakes this week too. It's been a while since I baked but it was good fun. I even had a go at piping icing. It wasn't pretty, but not too disastrous for a first attempt.

Time to go and eat my dinner. Looking forward to it.

Any suggestions of new recipes to try will be greatly welcomed.

L. x

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