Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Starting right now.

I've recently decided that I need to do much more in my life that is just for and about me, to reaffirm my identity. I've also realised that 30 is appearing on the horizon and while it isn't that big of a deal there are lots of things I'd like to do before I get there. It isn't a bucket list - there are more things I want to do/achieve before I die that I know I will not be able to afford in the next 18 months.

My plan is to see what I can achieve and post here my experiences and evidence.

The List (with reasons)

1. Get a new tattoo.
(I've wanted it for so long so needs to be done soon)
2. Get waxed.
(Because I never have and I figure I should at least once!)
3. Get my Kayak 2 star qualification.
(Did my one star years ago and want to get back in to it.)
4.See Martyn Joseph live.
(I've loved his music for years and still do.)
5. Revisit Cornwall standing stones and Zennor head
(Places I loved as a child and really want to get back to.)
6. Go SCUBA diving
(Why not? I enjoyed snorkelling so...)
7. Perform at an open mic night.
(Could be fun or scary probably both.)
8. Go to a music festival.
(Or 2. I've been to Larmer Tree but would like to go to more.)
9. Learn Italian.
(Because learning another language is always good and I love visiting Italy)
10. Take up belly dancing.
(I love dancing but haven't for a while - besides it looks like fun.)
11. Visit Paris.
(I never have!)
12. Cook through a cook book start to finish.
(Haven't decided which one yet but I love to cook)
13. Drop a dress size and keep it off.
(Might be hard with number 12 but matters to me)

So yeah a pretty self indulgent blog but hey - lets see what I can get out of the next 18 months.

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  1. Great list. Look forward to seeing some ticks on there soon xxxx